Discover Vibrant Wildlifes With Jungle Safari Tours in Bera Jawai

Rajasthan is widely known as one of the top holiday destinations for wildlife exploration. Bera Jawai Sanctuary is one such great wildlife attraction that stands out from the rest. The main reason is that it is renowned as the capital of Leopards. So, you can enjoy the safari experience in Bera Jawai Sanctuary and unlock the beauty, thrill, and excitement with every step.

Bera and Jawai are two names of the same wildlife destination – Bera is a little village where people stay, and Jawai is a dedicated wildlife area home to varied flora and fauna. The region is located in the Majestic Aravali range of Western Rajasthan in the Pali district, where you can enjoy various safaris in the Bera Jawai Sanctuary. Safari experience in Jawai includes Leopard Safari, Jungle Safari, and Village Safari. Each safari has different regions to explore and gives you various awe-inspiring moments. You can choose any of the safaris and make your visit worth it. Besides, you can also spot crocodiles and migratory birds in large numbers in the sanctuary.

Leopard Safaris in Jawai and Bera are among the most enthralling experiences in Rajasthan tourism. In addition to crocodile sightings and birdwatching, you can spot ducks and aquatic animals during the Jawai safari tour. Check out the details below about each Safari in Jawai and choose your safari to create euphoric memories for a lifetime.

Types of Safari in Bera Jawai Leopard Sanctuary 

Embarking on a safari tour in Bera and Jawai is an overwhelming experience that every wildlife enthusiast and nature lover must add to their travel experiences. Jawai Sanctuary conducts various types of safari, including Leopard Safari, Jungle Safari, and Village Safari. Through these safaris, you will get a chance to reconnect with nature and gain knowledge about leopards, crocodiles, and ecosystems. Moreover, you can get a better insight into the lifestyle of villagers. In addition, interacting with them is a beautiful way to create joyful memories.
Each safari is dedicated to different themes, but the motive is the same: to amaze you with a blend of thrill and nature. Check out the details below about each safari experience, and plan your visit for a memorable tour.

List of Safari in Bera and Jawai in Rajasthan 

  • Leopard Safari
  • Jungle Safari
  • Village Safari

Leopard Safari in Bera and Jawai

Jawai in Rajasthan is one of the best places in the country to spot leopards. And Leopard safari is one of the best ways to experience this thrill. Through this safari, you can spot more than 60 leopards, including males, females, and cubs. Leopard sightings and photography of these wildlife creatures are some of the best things to enjoy here. The Leopard Safari in Jawai and Bera operates twice daily with a 4 x4 Gypsy – early morning and evening hours. The safari lets you cover the best region in Jawai for leopard spotting for 3- 4 hours. The hours may differ, but this safari is mainly dedicated to spotting the leopards in Jawai.

  • Morning Safari: The morning safari starts at around 5:30 am and will take you to the Jawai Hills to spot leopards. On the way, you will enjoy the sunrise, which makes the surroundings more glorious. Once you spot leopards, you will return to the Jawai Dam to witness the crocodiles. Apart from that, you will enjoy birdwatching and get a sight of migratory birds, and finish this ride in around 3 hours.
  • Evening Safari: The evening Leopard Safari in Jawai starts with visiting Jawai Dam to spot crocodiles. After spending 30 minutes from here, you will head to the territory of Jawai Leopard Reserve, where you will get higher chances to spot leopards. While searching for the leopard, you will enjoy the golden hue of the sun when the sun goes down. Before the 15-minute safari ends, you will return to the starting point and finish this tour.

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Why opt for Leopard Safari in Bera and Jawai

You will get to explore this mystifying region with a team of experienced guides which will allow you to explore the sanctuary in the best possible way. Here are the specific reasons why you should opt for the Leopard safari:

  • Leopard Safari in Jawai offers a lot of adventure and thrills, and it offers the best sightseeing experience.
  • Taking this safari will make it highly likely that you will spot these beautiful creatures.
  • During this safari, you can also spot crocodiles and migratory birds and enjoy spectacular sunrise and sunset, which would be difficult otherwise.

Jungle Safari in Bera and Jawai

Jungle Safari in Jawai lets you uncover the essence of wilderness in this leopard sanctuary (not just focus on leopards). It is one of the most exciting experiences you must add to your travel experience to get the best of it. This safari is dedicated to taking you on a trip to the Jungle to behold the wild animals and flora of this sanctuary. Jungle Safari in Jawai operates twice daily (morning and late evening), around 3 hours each. Thus, booking a hotel in Bera and Jawai is advised for convenience. During this ride, you can spot Hyenas, Wild Boar, Blue Bulls, Jackals, Chinkara, Sloth Bear, Fox, and Indian Wolf in their natural habitat.

Why opt for Jungle Safari in Bera and Jawai

Exploring wildlife in Jawai is one of the finest experiences that one can get in this region.

  • You can take this safari tour to explore the depth of this sanctuary and witness wildlife attractions.
  • The timing of Jungle Safari is between 5:30 am to 9:00 pm, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the dark while enjoying your safari.
  • Late evening safari is the primary factor that people must choose this safari for the next level of thrill.

Village Safari in Bera and Jawai

Village Safari in Bera operates two times a day – morning and evening. The morning tour starts from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and the evening from 5:00 pm to 7: 00 pm. You will get to discover the village and learn about the lifestyle of the local people. By looking at the timing of the safari, it is advised to enjoy this safari in the winter season. Because the summer season brings the hotness in climate, exploring the village with an open jeep is difficult. Interact with locals who you’ll find very friendly and will often welcome you with a smile and great hospitality.

Why opt for Village Safari in Bera 

This exceptional safari in Jawai and Bera Sanctuary is designed to enjoy the dynamic side of rural Rajasthan. It is undoubtedly one of the most fun-filled things to do in Rajasthan.

  • Through this safari, you can get to know about different aspects of Rajasthani villages.
  • You can have insightful experiences by understanding the way of traditional living, dressing, and cooking. If you are into culture and tradition, you should definitely opt for this.

Which Type of Safari Would You Like to Choose?

It is advised to enjoy all three safaris as each has a unique dimension of exploration. The timings of each safari allow you to explore them very conveniently. Having said that, Leopard Safari is one of the most famous that every wildlife enthusiast must choose here to spot leopards. Jungle Safari is the ideal choice for you if you are more inclined towards spotting wildlife animals. The last but most unique is the Village Experience, which gives you a bundle of new experiences you can cherish for a lifetime.

You can take a 3-4 day Jawai and Bera tour and return to your home with a breadth of satisfying experience and knowledge.

Important Info On Jawai and Bera Safari Booking


The ticket price for each safari tour in Jawai and Bera differs as each tour offers unique experiences. For example, the Leopard Safari in Jawai Bera costs less than Jungle Safari. Moreover, the price of the Village safari is also less than the Jungle Safari. Usually, leopard safari is recommended, but you can choose whichever you think is the best for you!

Time Constraints

The timing of each safari matters a lot when it comes to spotting the wild cats and enjoying the safari experience. Morning safari is the best for you if you are willing to enjoy the wildlife thrill with sunrise. But, on the other hand, if you would like to explore the wilderness with the golden hues of the sunset period, a late evening safari is also there for you. Moreover, there is also the village tour, which takes place from mid-afternoon to evening. You can verily choose from them at your convenience!

Safari Booking Process for Jawai Bera Sanctuary 

You can book a safari tour—either sharing gypsy or private gypsy. One gypsy allows 1 to 6 people to enjoy the tour at a time. You must carry all the required documents and arrive 15 minutes before the safari tour. It is highly advised to book your ticket for a safari in advance to have a hassle-free traveling experience.


 Bera Jawai Sanctuary is undoubtedly one of Rajasthan’s most beautiful tourist attractions. This region is blessed with natural charm, wildlife life thrill, tourist attractions, and vibrant rural life. You can explore all of them by choosing the safari tour that will allow you to uncover such an experience. If you are willing to enjoy the tour in this region, Indian Visit is there for you. We provide the best wildlife tour packages to give you an astounding experience with a high level of comfort. You can customize your tour as per your traveling preferences, and our tour experts will curate the tour per your style.

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