Enjoy the Safari Experience in the Kaziranga for an Ultimate Thrill

Kaziranga National Park is one of Assam’s captivating wildlife holiday destinations that attract tourists worldwide. Being home to around two-thirds of the world’s population of rare one-horned rhinoceroses, this park has had notable success in terms of wildlife conservation. It is a thrill-packed destination that has unlimited hues of nature. A safari in Kaziranga National Park is an ideal way to witness the wild and reconnect with nature.

You can choose a jeep, boat, walk, or elephant safari in Kaziranga National Park to elevate your wildlife experience. This national park has four ranges: Kaziranga Range, Eastern Range, Western Range, and Burapahar Range. Each range offers a unique safari experience in Kaziranga, with different routes and varied distances.

Through your safari experience in Kaziranga, you can get a better outlook on biodiversity, which has various species of animals, birds, and avifauna. Apart from witnessing the one-horned rhino through safari, the tourist would like to spot the Royal Bengal Tiger. Due to the population of Bengal Tigers, Kaziranga also received the title of a “Tiger Reserve” in 2006.

Get to know each detail regarding the safari experience in Kaziranga National Park for your unforgettable holiday.

Types of Safari in Kaziranga National Park

Satiate your thirst for witnessing wild animals with jungle safaris in Kaziranga National Park. Here is the list of safari types in Kaziranga that you can choose to explore a variety of wildlife, birdlife, and flora while admiring the vibrant landscapes.

  • Walking Safari in Kaziranga
  • Jeep Safari in Kaziranga
  • Elephant Safari in Kaziranga
  • Boat Safari in Kaziranga

Walking Safari in Kaziranga National Park

Birdwatching and sightseeing by walking in Kaziranga are unique ways to explore the wilderness. This type of safari gives you insight into the wildlife and ecosystem diversity. You can interact closely with locals and learn about their lifestyle. This safari is associated with forest rangers, knowledgeable local naturalists, and English-speaking escorts. From enjoying birdwatching to admiring the landscapes while covering the rough paths by walking, it is a lifetime experience.

Pro Tip: Pick up the best shoes for your walking safari and follow all the instructions carefully. Opt for a walking safari tour in Kaziranga between November and March, as the weather conditions are pleasurable. During this time, the national park is best to explore, and you can also witness the migratory birds.

Jeep Safari in Kaziranga National Park

Discover a new love for wildlife through Kaziranga Jeep Safari. The jeep is a 4×4 wheeler open-roof vehicle and is one of the easiest and quickest ways to explore the wilderness of this national park. By choosing the Jeep safari, you can cover the maximum expanse in less time. An open jeep will take you to the core areas of this national park to witness the exotic wildlife. Moreover, you will be accompanied by a guide or escort.

On the safari, spot one-horned rhinos, Royal Bengal Tigers, wild buffaloes, elephants, etc., and various species of birds. Indeed, the thrill of watching animals and birds from an open jeep will blow your mind. Moreover, this jeep safari will let you explore the deep dark woodlands, tall and short grasslands, and tropical forests, the best regions to study biodiversity. You can choose Jeep Safari and cover any parking zone, including Kohara Zone, Bagori Zone, Burapahar Zone, and Agoratoli Zone.

Pro-Tip: Getting an advance permit to enjoy Jeep Safari in Kaziranga National Park is highly recommended. This permit is designated for a tourist path that the forest department decides. Remember to carry your hat, water bottles, camera, and binoculars. Maintaining silence and observing peacefully the wildlife is mandatory; try to wear light clothes during the tour.

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Elephant Safari in Kaziranga National Park

Elephant ride is one of the most exciting opportunities to explore the wildlife and vegetation of this national park. Enjoying sightseeing and bird watching while sitting on the back of a tusker nine feet above the ground is a profound experience. You can enjoy this safari twice daily, first in the morning and second in the afternoon.

On your elephant safari in Kaziranga, you can see vegetation like tropical semi-evergreen, alluvial savanna woodlands, and mixed deciduous forests. Hence, the cost of elephant safari in Kaziranga is less than the experience of roaming freely on an elephant’s back.

In addition, this pleasurable jungle ride lets you spot mammals, birds, and several species of reptiles. Moreover, you can catch everything from the dense woodlands to rich biodiversity while riding on an elephant. The best part is that this safari allows you to witness wildlife from a closer distance to give you a better perspective of the forest.

Pro Tip: During the elephant safari, you will get enough time to capture the wildlife in your camera, so take patience. Western Zone is preferable for enjoying the safari as the chances to spot tiers of a one-horn rhino are high.

Boat Safari in Kaziranga National Park

Exploring Kaziranga National is in itself a rewarding experience. However, a boat safari in Kaziranga enhances your holiday experience in many ways. Through this safari experience, you can witness this park’s various flora and avifauna. Furthermore, a boat safari lets you encounter the tranquility of this national park while enjoying birdwatching.

You can sit back, relax in your boat, and enjoy the best views. You are having such an experience at one of the world’s finest wildlife destinations for any nature and wildlife lover.

While the Jeep and Elephant safaris take you to the park’s interior, boat safari takes you to touch the deepest part of the forest and river bank. You can closely spot various animals who come to quench their thirst on the river bank.

Furthermore, your boat safari rides in Kaziranga will take you to explore the water of the Brahmaputra River and add a new experience to your wildlife tour. On this tour, you can spot gigantic River Dolphins, declared endangered species. Overall, it is a beautiful experience to observe this river’s water life in Kaziranga National Park.

Pro-Tip: Agoratoli Range is where you can enjoy the boat safari in this park. You need to plan your visit early in the morning and have to hire the entire boat for such an experience.

Which Safari Would You Choose in Kaziranga National Park ?

The safari experience in Kaziranga comes up in so many ways that it might need to be clarified. But, the good part is that whichever safari you choose will lead you to an incredible wildlife experience. If you are a hardcore wildlife enthusiast, you can opt for a jeep or elephant safari.

Both modes will give you a better outlook on forest life and satiate your hunger for wildlife exploration. However, a boat safari is something unique and irresistible for experience seekers. Kaziranga is an iconic wildlife holiday destination with thrill, beauty, nature, and fun in many shades.

Safari Booking Process in Kaziranga National Park

If you are looking for the easiest and best way to book your online safari in Kaziranga, you have landed at the right place. Online Kaziranga safari booking process with Indian Visit is hassle-free and smooth.

However, the forest department handles the entire safari booking procedure, and our online booking process follows all the guidelines of the Kaziranga authority. We complete all the formalities of booking with you by getting all your preferences and making it an easy-going and unforgettable holiday.

Essential Points to Know for Safari in Kaziranga National Park

  • It is better to book your safari in advance to avoid the hassle.
  • Follow each instruction of your guide for a great and safe safari experience.
  • Keep your camera and binoculars handy to take advantage of every opportunity to capture the wildlife in your camera.
  • It would help if you kept in mind that the safari ride & safari zone is given as subject to availability.
  • Elephant Safari has two shifts, and both operate in the morning.
  • Jeep Safari has two shifts, one in the morning and the second in the afternoon.
  • Pets are not allowed in Kaziranga National Park.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to Indian Visit to book best customizable tour packages.

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