Mudumalai National Park

Enchanting Tourist Attractions Near Mudumalai National Park

This national park, also designated as a Tiger Reserve, lies at the base of the lush Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu. It is home to fascinating landscapes that will not let you take your eyes away. There is much to cover, from undulating slopes and valleys to dense deciduous forests and swampy grasslands. Royal Bengal tigers, Giant Malabar Squirrels, and exotic bird species are gems of it.

Mudumalai is one of the finest and richest wildlife sanctuaries in India, and it is settled at the joining points of three states: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. Hence, you will have incredible opportunities to explore places to visit on a trip to Mudumalai National Park and its vicinity. Furthermore, by exploring the tourist places below, numerous options are available to add fun, peace, and spirituality to your wholesome traveling experience.

Here is the List of Must-visit Tourist Attractions Near Mudumalai

Needle Rock View Point

After exploring the dense forest while enjoying a safari, it is time to observe nature’s greenery from a different perspective. Needle Rock View Point is a fantastic place to get 360-degree views of mountain peaks and fluffy clouds. It is recommended to wear a hat and have a camera and binoculars to enhance your travel experience. This location is considered one of this region’s most beautiful natural locations. However, you will have to trek for 3 km to reach the top and admire the cinematic views of the surrounding beauty. Once you get to the top, you will realize that the refreshing environment comes with a windy and cool climate, so wear appropriate clothes while trekking.

Distance from Mudumalai: 13 km (approx.)
Duration: 30 min (approx.)

Nambalakottai Temple

This temple is one of the sacred pilgrimage centers in this region dedicated to Betarayasvami, a tribal God. This 1,700-year-old shrine is an essential site of Todas and Mandadan Chettis (tribal people). The peaceful vibe here will soothe your body and mind. Apart from that, you can interact with local people to get insight into the unique culture and tradition. If you visit this place in the morning or the evening, you can get golden hour shots to capture with your camera. This ancient temple is located at 3,500 ft, surrounded by a lush, fertile region on Kiloor Road. Nilgiri Mountain at the backdrop, and the Pykara River flows from afar. This scene is a living painting in front of your eyes that you can admire for a while.

  • Distance from the Mudumalai: 4 km (approx.)
  • Duration: 10 min. (approx.)

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta

The above tourist places represent nature and a slice of spirituality. Now, let’s explore the place that offers a blend of both by visiting Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta. This is another ancient hill temple that will indeed deserve a spot in your list of tourist places to visit on your Mudumalai tour. Being located at an elevation of 1,450 m, this temple is located at the highest peak in Bandipur National Park. It is a tourist place that offers a blend of nature and spirituality. Thanks to the Gopalaswamy Hills of Karnataka, which offer nature charm and a touch of spirituality. The Chola King Ballala built this ancient temple in 1315 AD, and the Wodeyar Kings maintained it. Today, it has become the finest tourist place, where tourists admire nature and receive blessings from Lord Krishna.

  • Distance from Mudumalai: 18 km (approx.)
  • Duration: 30 min

Genepool Garden

Tropical Genepool Garden in Nadugani of Tamil Nadu is a fascinating attraction promoting eco-tourism. The research section of the Forest Department established this garden in 1989-1990. And the aim of building this garden is to conserve endangered tropical plants. Furthermore, this place provides economic livelihood to the tribals of that region. Tropical Genepool Garden has a diverse wildlife zone that has become a shelter for carnivores, elephants, and deer. Moreover, you will learn about jungle life, feel the wilderness, and get insight into the department’s efforts to preserve nature. Overall, there is so much to experience in this zone that makes it a must-visit place while enjoying your tour of Mudumalai National Park.

  • Distance from Mudumalai: 18 km (approx.)
  • Duration: 30 min (approx.)

Maravakandy Dam

Cinematic views, a serene atmosphere, birdwatching, and thrilling wildlife all come together in one place. Yes! You have read it right. The Maravakandy Dam offers all these elements to enhance your travel experience. This attractive tourist place is among the best attractions near the Mudumalai Tiger Reserves. However, carrying a camera and binoculars is highly advised as this dam has an animal-viewing tower. By reaching the top of this tower, you can get the best sights of this dam’s rich flora and fauna. In addition, there is a water hole where wild animals come to get water, and you can spot tigers there. This dam is located next to the Moyar River, which graces its incredible landscape. On one side, the river is flowing, and on the other side, the green trees are indeed a delightful sight for your eyes. You can climb the watch tower to get the panoramic views, spot deer and elephants, and spot tigers, deer, and elephants.

  • Distance from the Mudumalai: 15 km
  • Duration: 30 min (approx.)

Theppakadu Elephant Camp

A slice of an offbeat or unique travel experience can frame the holiday experience perfectly. Theppakadu Elephant Camp is one of the unique attractions to visit near Mudumalai National Park. Visiting this camp will allow you to indulge in fun-filled activities. You can play with elephants and take a ride on elephants. The ride is available in the morning and late evening, so tourists can take it to add a layer of excitement to their tour. This camp is home to numerous elephants trained and performing activities to give tourists delightful memories. A couple of elephants enact the pooja of Lord Vinayaka daily. This camp is close to the Mudumalai and surely deserves a visit from tourists for a unique experience.

  • Distance from Mudumalai: 6 km (approx.)
  • Duration: 15 min (approx.)

Botanical Garden

After spending thrilling time amid nature and enjoying fun-filled activities in the eco-tourism zone, it is time to give yourself a needful break. If you agree with this statement, visit the Botanical Garden in Ooty, one of the best places to relax near Mudumalai National Park. Here, you can relax your body and mind amid colorful flowers. Here are several resorts to stay at and restaurants that let you enjoy picnic time with your loved ones. The vibrancy of flowers and fragrances will allure you to stay here for more. This well-maintained Botanical garden is segmented into five zones you can explore by strolling here. Moreover, you can admire various plants and trees here and get an insightful experience.

  • Distance from Mudumalai: 43 km (approx.)
  • Duration: 1 hr 30 min (approx.)

Forest Information Center

This place is a must-visit site for those more inclined towards wildlife and nature lovers. Here, you will get complete information about everything you will get with first-hand experience. It helps you get the best of this Tiger Reserve, explore the depth of this jungle, and learn about its biodiversity. Overall, a visit to this place is undoubtedly a complement to your wildlife vacation. From informational purposes to historical points of view, you can visit here for a short period but get a lifetime experience. In short, your visit will also make your wildlife tour more exciting and give you a wholesome travel experience.

  • Distance from Mudumalai: 6 km (approx.)
  • Duration: 15 min (approx.)

Final Words

A trip to Mudumalai is a chance to get the best opportunities to experience nature, thrills, and fun. The above list has done justice to this statement. From spending thrilling time to relishing the refreshing environment, attractions in and around Mudumalai National Park are heart-winning. So, let these attractions win your heart while enjoying your trip to Mudumalai National Park. Our customizable wildlife tour packages allow you to craft a holiday in your style. So, contact our tour experts and book your holiday.

FAQs About Mudumalai National Park

Which is the best season to visit Mudumalai National Park?

Ans. Tourists from different kinds of places visit this sanctuary throughout the year. However, Summer and Winter are considered the best seasons for exploring Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. If you are more inclined to spot wild animals, visit in the summer, as this season has a higher chance of spotting animals in Mudumalai. However, winter also offers an excellent opportunity to spot animals amid the jungle and the pleasant climate.

What are the best tourist attractions near Mudumalai National Park?

Ans. Wayanad, Coonoor, Coorg, and Ooty are some famous tourist places of the South Region that you can visit along with Mudumalai. These attractions are also renowned for their incredible tourism.

 What are the transport options around Mudumalai?

Ans. There are multiple transport options to stroll around Mudumalai, including bus, taxi, and rented car. You can choose any of them to explore tourist attractions on your trip to Mudumalai. The tourist attractions are encircled by around 50 to 100 km that can be covered in a few hours.

 Which is the ideal way to reach Mudumalai?

Ans. Mudumalai is well connected with the rest of the country by air, train, or road. Coimbatore International Airport and Coimbatore junctions are ideal ways to reach Mudumalai. After landing in Coimbatore, you can pick up a taxi, cab, or bus to the national park. If you are coming from nearby towns, buses and taxis are good options to cover the distances.

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