Fascinating Attractions Near Kanha National Park For Experiencing Diversity

Kanha National Park is home to one of India’s most significant and densest tiger populations. It is also close to a wealth of tourist attractions, where you may fulfill your hunger for seeing the fascinating regions of Madhya Pradesh.

Get your hiking boots out of the closet and get ready with your backpack for a lengthy vacation in Madhya Pradesh’s Kanha National Park. Whether you enjoy the outdoors and wildlife or are interested in history, this area is full of sights that will awe you.

You can anticipate having a great time seeing the treasures of Madhya Pradesh that are close to Kanha, from catching the sights of intimidating big cats to enjoying your stay in Bamni Dadar and Raneh Falls. Check out this blog to learn about even more beautiful locations when visiting Kanha.

One of the most well-known tiger reserves in the nation is Kanha National Park. You will see the Bengal Tiger in contrast to other creatures. During your safari, seeing a tiger will undoubtedly be an experience you’ll never forget. This distinguishes Kanha National Park as one of Madhya Pradesh’s top wildlife preserves.

The national park, which covers an area of 940 sq km, is home to a diverse range of flora and wildlife and spreads over dense grassland. Three access gates and four zones allow you to enter Kanha’s colossal area. Kanha has much to offer, whether you want to observe animals up close, take pictures of birds flying by, or make the most of your vacation by enjoying yourself in exotic woodland hotels.

Plan a trip to Kanha National Park, the best time to travel is from October to June because Kanha’s summers are unbearably hot. Remember that the park is closed from July to mid-October due to the heavy showers

Top Places to Visit Near Kanha National Park

Some of the best places to visit near Kanha National Park are:

Kanha National Museum

Kanha Museum, another significant neighboring tourist destination in Kanha National Park, must be visited if you’re a wildlife enthusiast anytime you plan an excursion to KNP. The Forest Department runs the museum, and it is the best place to learn more about the park’s geography and other fascinating features. 

The Kanha Museum is spread out over a sizable area and showcases the skeletons of numerous predator, reptile, and herbivore animals and the reserve’s history. In addition, the museum offers a variety of attractions for anyone interested in wildlife, ranging from thrilling experiences to fascinating information and notes.

This history center also has a few charts, specimens, photographs, and models that provide a detailed understanding of the food chain and the species inhabiting the forest. This gives visitors a better experience of wildlife habitats. However, the museum’s evening sound shows, a must-see, are its main draw.

Distance from Kanha National Park: 11 km (approx.)

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One of the best tourist locations close to Kanha National Park is Mandla, known for its lofty forts and revered temples. Mandla, surrounded by nature, offers its tourists stunning views of Rangrez Ghat and Rapta Ghat, as well as the catchment area of the tranquil Narmada River and its tributaries, where the town of Mandla is located. The fort, surrounded by the Sahastradhara River and offers some magnificent views, makes this location even more captivating.

Distance from Kanha National Park: 35 km (approx.)

Kawardha Palace

Extend your journey to Raipur, Chattisgarh, where Kawardha Palace awaits you in the regal atmosphere. This castle, composed of Italian marble and stone, is spread over an 11-acre lush green terrain 91 kilometers from the Kanha National Park. 

This monument offers visitors sweeping views of the Maikal Hill Range. You absolutely must stay at Kawardha Palace if your budget allows it. This royal house turned into a heritage hotel, and it has all the luxuries, including an evening bar and library room, to provide an imperial experience.

Distance from Kanha National Park: 91 km (approx.)


Kanha National Park is located 159 kilometers away from Amarkantak, popularly known as Teerthraj. The mystic region has abundant medicinal plants, making it attractive from an ecological standpoint because most are rare species or challenging to discover. In addition, this area has a rich natural history. Amarkantak, the confluence of the Narmada, Sone, and Johila Rivers, is most renowned for its DudhDhara Waterfalls, which have milky-looking foaming water.

Other than this, there are a few locations to visit near Kanha National Park that you shouldn’t miss. The Pataleshwar Mahadev and Narmada Udgam Temple are Amarkantak’s most famous sights. The temples boast stunning architecture and spiritual overtones for visitors to enjoy. Through village tourism, this captivating hamlet also offers a chance to delve deeply into the cultural heritage of central Indian tribes.

Distance from Kanha National Park: 159 km (approx.)

Bandhavgarh National Park

If you’re an avid admirer of nature and want to expand your collection of wildlife encounters from your excursion to Kanha National Park, you must visit Bandhavgarh National Park, which is nearby and only 215 kilometers away. Bandhavgarh, which covers an area of 105 square kilometers, is the best location to hear the Royal Bengal Tiger’s roar. The park is teeming with various wildlife and geography, making for an excellent experience.

The reserve draws nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts because it offers more than just incredible wildlife sightings and safari tours. In addition to a wildlife trip, some of the great things to do in this location include shopping at Bandhavgarh Market, hiking to Bandhavgarh Fort, visiting Barmera Dam, and praying at Jwalamukhi Temple.

Distance from Kanha National Park: 215 km (approx.)

Bamni Dadar

One of the top tourist destinations in Kanha National Park is Bamni Dadar. Tourists visit the park to witness the spectacular sunset, which can be recorded using DSLR cameras. In the nearby green meadows, visitors can also view Indian bison, gaurs, spotted deer, and barking deer feeding. 

Tourists want to experience the splendor of the local sunset, the busiest in the evenings. However, travelers can easily see the western section of the national park. The location of the airplane takeoff that the British formerly used is still there in Bamni Dadar. It is the park’s focal point and last destination for nature enthusiasts worldwide. 

Sal trees and Gaurs are abundant in the area surrounding Bamni Dadar. Its high-elevation location provides a panoramic perspective of the national park. The jungle safari makes it simple for you to reach the place. A safe way to get a close-up view of wild animals, like tigers, leopards, etc., is on a jungle safari.

Distance from Kanha National Park: 275 km (approx.)


This place is undoubtedly a hill town worth visiting. Pachmarhi, also referred to as the “Queen of Satpura,” is a quiet Madhya Pradesh town ideally situated amid history and environment. As you prolong your trip to the beautiful land, you will overcome the enchanting grandeur of the Satpura Mountain Ranges, picturesque areas, rock paintings, and waterfalls. In addition, Pachmarhi is a prized location for old caves from the Buddhist era.

Distance from Kanha National Park: 300 km (approx.)

Ajaigarh Fort

Ajaigarh Fort should also be included in the itinerary if you travel to Panna from Kanha, as it is only 37 kilometers away. This fort is situated in Ajaigarh, bordered by the Vindhya Ranges, and features a flat-topped design. If you appreciate history and nature, Ajaigarh Fort will fill your heart with breathtaking views of the Vindhya Ranges and the Ken River. The famous Ganga and Yamuna streams are commemorated in the fort with two temples and rock-cut tanks. There are over 500 steep steps to climb to the fort’s entrance.

Distance from Kanha National Park: 364 km (approx.)

Raneh Falls

Raneh Falls, 23 km from Khajuraho, is not to be missed. This Khajuraho area attraction offers serene surroundings and breathtaking views that make for a delightful vacation. The magnificent Raneh Waterfall is a 30 m-deep canyon on the Ken River made of crystalline and granite boulders. The numerous falls, some of which are seasonal, are the main attractions of this location. Raneh Falls is ideal for honeymooners to stop over at since it provides a romantic atmosphere and lovely vistas to enjoy with your significant other.

Distance from Kanha National Park: 370 km (approx.)


Put Khajuraho at the top of your list of nearby attractions to include on your Kanha tour. Khajuraho, a well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important tourist sites in Madhya Pradesh is famous for its erotic sculptures and Hindu and Jain temples. For a change, Khajuraho would welcome you if you wanted your Kanha tour to include more than simply wildlife and nature. 

These Khajuraho temples are divided into three groups based on their geographic location: Eastern, Western, and Southern. You can devote your time, money, and effort to appreciating the beauty of these temples, which feature some incredible architecture and sculpture.

Distance from Kanha National Park: 371 km (approx.)

Panna National Park

Most of Kanha National Park’s neighboring attractions focus on wildlife discovery. However, you can enjoy a fantastic wildlife experience if you visit Panna National Park. The “Tiger Land” of Panna, home to some of the best animal species, allows tourists to see the habitat of enigmatic beasts like tigers, leopards, wolves, hyenas, sloth bears, and more. In addition to this, Panna is home to avifauna, reptiles, and abundant flora, all of which make for the perfect wildlife viewing experience. 

Furthermore, with more than 200 species of migratory birds, ferocious big cats, and antelope, the reserve is ideal for giving your Panna excursion many surreal moments you can photograph. As a result, Panna National Park is a superb wildlife site to visit when on a trip to Kanha National Park.

Distance from Kanha National Park: 315 km (approx.)


Kanha National Park is bordered by some of the top tourist destinations in India, whether you’re oryou’reng a single trip, family tour, or honeymoon vacation. Holidays in Kanha National Park include tours of history, nature, spirituality, and wildlife excursions. So, pack your things and prepare for a fantastic trip to Kanha National Park. Indian Visit offers the top tour packages for Madhya Pradesh, and you can modify them to meet your needs, wants, or budget.

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