Captivating Places to Visit in Sunderban National Park

Sunderban National Park is well known for offering a refreshing environment and pristine natural beauty. This beautiful forest was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. It is also a Tiger Reserve and a Biosphere Reserve, which makes it widely popular among nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Tourists from worldwide visit this national park to spend a thrilling time amidst natural beauty. And this national park has various surprises to amaze its visitors. Apart from being home to the Royal Bengal Tigers, this park has a variety of birds, animal species, reptiles, and saltwater crocodiles.

On top of that, you will have the opportunity to explore tourist places in and around  Sunderban. This national park has a tremendous ecological balance and uniqueness in its nearby tourist places. From birdwatching areas to watch towers, there is much to cover besides the park’s wilderness. We have curated a list of popular places to visit on your tour of Sunderban National Park.

Top 9 Places to Visit on a Trip to Sunderban National Park 

  • Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary
  • Sajnekhali Watch Tower
  • Kanak Island 
  • Netidhopani Camp 
  • Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project 
  • Halliday Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Burirdabri Camp 
  • Kalash Island Tiger Project
  • Piyali Island

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

This bird sanctuary is located within the national park and is one of the main jewels of nature. You can go for a nature walk and enjoy birdwatching amid lush greenery. It is an eco-friendly destination home to various species of birds, including white-bellied sea eagles, paradise flycatchers, kingfishers, open-billed storks, and the rare Asian Dowitchers. Shaded by gigantic trees, this sanctuary is considered one of the greenest areas in West Bengal. On top of that, you will notice that the environment is clean and refreshing. These elements add another good reason to include this sanctuary in your list of places to visit on your Sunderban tour.

Sajnekhali Watch Tower

You can fulfill your desire to observe the greenery of this bird sanctuary from this tower. It is one of the park’s most famous watch towers and serves as the head office of this forest department. This is the only spot you can obtain permission to visit this park. The watch tower can accommodate 20 people at a time and give them an aerial view of the beautiful surrounding area. You can also enjoy birdwatching from this area and spot White Bellied Sea Eagle, Whimbrel, Pelican, Kingfishers, Curfews, Sandpipers, Plovers, and Lap Wings.

Moreover, observing the sunrise or sunset from this tower will give you a fantastic moment to capture with your camera. Apart from that, you will have chances to witness the beauty of the confluence of Malta and Gumdi Rivers. In short, this tower is one of this region’s most renowned hotspots, allowing you to behold various flora, fauna, and cinematic views.

Kanak Island 

You can make your wildlife tour to Sunderban National Park more enticing by visiting Kanak Island. From crystal clear water to incredible beachy vibes, Kanak Island has the charm to attract tourists. Moreover, this island will let you uncover another layer of wildlife charm. You can spot new hatchlings of the endangered Olive Ridley Turtles in the sea. These species of turtles are believed to come 100 km off the seashores to lay their eggs on the sandy beach of this island. You can interact with local people and get more information about the turtles from the forest department. However, the connection between beachy vibes and wildlife is undoubtedly delightful to enjoy while exploring the Sunderban National Park.

Netidhopani Camp 

Netidhopani Camp is one of the picturesque places to visit on your trip to Sundarbans National Park. It is mostly visited after exploring the park and is well known for having a Tiger Watchtower. It can accommodate 20 people at a time. From this tower, you can see the beautiful sights of different birds. The sweet water pond is another attraction of this tourist place. Although its 400-year-old temple is in ruins, it still catches tourists’ attention due to its charisma and charm. You can spot some ruins, and there are also some hotels to stay in. Moreover, you can learn about several legends associated with this destination while enjoying your tour here. This camp is ideal for those who want to experience Sunderban beyond the wilderness.

Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project 

This is the only Crocodile project in the entire West Bengal. Undoubtedly, it has become one of the most visited tourist places near Sundarbans National Park. Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project is settled on the bank of the Saptamukhi estuary. You can spot the giant estuarine crocodiles here, which are delightful to watch. However, this project is renowned for offering crocodile sightings and the Batagur Baska tortoise species. Besides that, dense mangrove forests are at the confluence of the Saptamukhi river system, which graces the charm of this region. This place has refreshing natural beauty and enthralling experiences that make your visit worth visiting. There is no doubt that this place will give you a lifetime experience that will make a special place in your heart.

Halliday Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is home to the last retreat of the rare barking deer. It is located at the confluence of the Bidyadhari and Matla Rivers on the southern side of the Sunderban National Park. You can spot various animals, including wild boar, rhesus macaque, and barking deer. Moreover, you can spot multiple fish swimming in the river. This wildlife sanctuary is spread over 6 square kilometers and is blessed chiefly with mangrove species. However, you can spot the Royal Bengal Tiger if you are lucky. Namkhana and Ramganga are major entry gates for this sanctuary, and you can also reach there from Jharkhali as Canning. A trip to this sanctuary while enjoying the Sunderban wildlife tour is blissful.

Burirdabri Camp 

The camp is located near the Bangladesh Border, and it is the last location that is settled in the southern part of Sunderbans. This camp is considered one of the deepest forest points and is famous for its watch tower. This watch tower can accommodate 10 people at once and is known for giving you a commendable view. However, this camp also has a renowned viewpoint, Raimongal View Point, that offers a spectacular view. The way to reach this viewpoint is also exciting, as you must go through a mud walk and a mangrove cage trail. While enjoying your walk, you can spot Snails, varieties of Crabs, and Mollusca. In short, Burirdabri Camp is one of the best places to visit on your trip to Sunderbans Tiger Reserve.

Kalash Island Tiger Project

Being a part of Sunderbans National Park, you can’t miss this exciting place on your wildlife tour. This tiger project is located at the estuary of the Matla River, and the Royal Bengal Tiger comes here to drink sweet water from a pond near the camp. In addition, this place becomes the breeding ground of the Olive Ridley Turtle in the winter season. Unfortunately, it is close to the core area, and tourists can only go on the beach with armed forest guards. Moreover, you can spot diverse coastal birds on Kalash Island, and birdwatchers consider this place a paradise for birdwatching.

Piyali Island

Get a glimpse of the ecology of Sunderbans by visiting Piyali Island. This scenic place is considered a getaway from Sunderban National Park. In this region, you will see that the Piyali River flows through the green paddy fields of the area and confluences with the Matla River. So, if you are looking for a place that offers scenic beauty and tranquility, Piyali Island is ideal for visiting while enjoying a Sunderbans National Park trip. A beautiful delta form is considered one of the most romantic places near Sundarbans National Park. Moreover, you will find several recreational facilities and reasonable accommodations for tourists to give them a great vacation. However, it is advised to book your stay in advance to enjoy the holiday hassle-free.


The rich biodiversity of Sunderban gives a dose of wilderness and natural beauty. However, its nearby attractions give you a sense of relaxation and a refreshing environment to enjoy a laid-back evening and picnic time. You can add the above attractions to your bucket list for Sunderban National Park to make your tour eventful. Our wildlife tour packages for Sundarban are customizable, and you can add or change various elements of the trip as per your preferences. We include meals, transfers, safari rides, and accommodations to enrich your wildlife experience and add comfort to your tour. 

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