Rajasthan, the ‘Heritage Capital of India’ was the home of exemplary rulers who made this state a commendable attraction. The grandeur of the top places to visit in Rajasthan is beyond any description. Historic forts, palaces, cities, wildlife sanctuaries and even a hill station dot the place. This state gives you every reason to put your feet into it and enjoy being transferred to a different world altogether. Here’s a list of must-visit places in Rajasthan.

Jaipur – the city painted in ‘Pink’

Jaipur has a myriad of idyllic and quaint structures. The whole city is painted in pink color which is the symbol of hospitality and generosity. Flaunting an exceptionally rich legacy, the city boasts of the majestic past. The prehistoric forts and palaces of Jaipur are a famous tourist attraction in Rajasthan. Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, and City Palace are few must-visit places that can spellbind you.

The local delicacies are very famous among the tourists and include Dal Bati Churma, Onion Kachori, Crispy Pakore and many more. Recently, Jaipur has been titled as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Jaipur is one of the major cities included in the Golden Triangle Tour which has so much to offer. Even words cannot express its magnificence.

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Udaipur- City of Captivating Lakes

Udaipur Lake

The matchless tranquility of lakes, palaces, Havelis and temples adds to the unparalleled beauty of Udaipur. This city is snuggled around the Lake Pichola which stretches from the elevated plateaus on one side to the Aravalli range on another side. The city houses seven lakes out of which five are the major one. Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, Swaroop Sagar Lake, Doodh Talai Lake, and Rang Sagar Lake outstands amongst the other. The boating experience on these lakes is enchanting and enthralling. A visit to the Lake Palace, City Palace and Monsoon Palace in Udaipur is a major highlight of the Rajasthan sightseeing.

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Jaisalmer- The City of ‘Golden Sand Dunes’

Jaisalmer is one of the must-visit places in Rajasthan. The city is situated in the heart of the Great Indian Desert which is commonly known as the Thar Desert. The iconic destination is embellished with the beautiful lakes, ornate temples, lavish Havelis, and elegant palaces. The stunning beauty of the city can be experienced at the time of sunset when the Jaisalmer Fort radiates the reddish-golden color due to its massive sandstone structure. The locals still reside within the fort making it count amongst one of the rare living forts in India.

Jaisalmer is an amalgamation of desert culture & heritage, and adventure and this is a notable aspect of this city. The Sam Sand dunes here are a famous place to see in Rajasthan. Giving an opportunity of desert safari, camping, and other adventure activities, these golden sand dunes offer a dream experience to the tourists.

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Jodhpur- A Suburb of ‘The Symphony in Blue’

Jodhpur is among the best cities in Rajasthan. Home to ancient Hindu temples, breathtaking palaces, astonishing forts, and the enthralling Thar Desert, the city provides a fulfilling experience. Exploring Jodhpur would be an enriching experience as the sightseeing includes a trip to the Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jaswant Thada, and Mandore Garden. Savouring cuisines in the city is an added plus. Shopping in the vibrant market is also fun. One can purchase souvenirs for their loved ones. The gorgeous jewellery, leather footwear, and stone studded earpieces are the speciality of Jodhpur. This is one of the most famous places where one can visit during winter vacations. The enthralling beauty of the city enhances during that time.

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Bikaner- A Vacationers’ Paradise

Bikaner is an ideal getaway for adventure lovers. It is one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan as it is a traveller’s paradise. This city is an exemplary depiction of the bygone era and is a perfect blend of Rajputana architecture, art, and heritage. The desert in Bikaner holds a unique aspect and offers the world’s best camel riding experience. It is due to this that the place is also popularly known as ‘Camel Country’.

Desert Safari and camel safari are the main attractions of the city. Junagarh Palace, Lalgarh Palace, and Karni Mata temple are popular tourist places to visit in Rajasthan when in Bikaner. Gazing at the mesmerizing views of the golden sand dunes during the sunset is one of the fulfilling experience which one should not miss.

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Pushkar- A Sacred Town

Pushkar is considered as one of the best tourist places in Rajasthan. This city is famous for a temple known as Jagatpita Brahma Mandir dedicated to Lord Brahma. To approach this temple, one needs to climb several steps which are made up of white marble.

Pushkar Lake is one of the famous pilgrimage destinations where people come to take a sacred bath. Pushkar Camel Fair is a multi-day annual fair and is the pride of Rajasthan. Enjoy the colourful cultural events while attending India’s largest camel, cattle and horse fair. The serene the city is a unique mix of vibrant vibes of festivities and blissful aura.

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Ajmer- An Abode of ‘Invincible Hills’

Ajmer is a city of vibrant culture and unique charm. It is surrounded by Aravalli Ranges. The arid landscape of the city and sand dunes make it rank amongst the famous places to visit in Rajasthan. ‘Ajmer Sharif’ is a shrine which is situated at the bottom of the Taragarh Hill. This place is highly revered by both Hindus and Muslims. Taragarh Fort and Anasagar Lake are other famous places in Ajmer. Rajasthani cuisines such as Dal Bati Churma, Bajre ki Khichdi satiate the craving. Besides, Ajmer is the best place to try a different type of local cuisine. Rajasthani Meenakari jewelry and miniature paintings of Ajmer are famous globally.

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Alwar- A Graceful Combination of Unexplored Forts and Exquisite Palaces

A princely state, Alwar is situated in the lap of the lush green Aravalli Mountains and is counted amongst famous tourist places in Rajasthan. Alwar is a perfect blend of cultural extravaganza, natural beauty, historical landmarks, and Indian art. It is home to Sariska National Park which offers scenic beauty of nature. The sanctuary is also a Tiger reserve where one can spot golden jackal, striped hyena, leopard, and four-horned antelope while on a Jungle safari.

Bhangarh Fort, one of the most haunted places in India, is also nestled here. If you are an adventure lover, then you must visit this fort, known for its paranormal activities. Alwar is also a heaven for food lovers. Relishing milk-cake, kulfi falooda, samosa, and kachori is one of the best things to do here.

Ranthambore- An Absolute Delight for Animal Lovers

Snuggled in the foothills of Vindhya and Aravalli Hills, Ranthambore is home to Royal Bengal Tigers. This place is among the famous tourist places in Rajasthan offering an enthralling experience. Ranthambore Fort is situated in the middle of the national park and is surrounded by ancient temples and mosques. The best way to explore the national park is going on a jungle safari, which helps you to spot the Bengal tigers, panthers, bears, and different species of birds. This place is a paradise for wildlife lovers and photographers. Interestingly, Padam Lake and Surwal Lake nearby are a haven for bird watching. Explore Ranthambore national park with these customized packages.

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Bharatpur- Enjoy the True Splendors of Rajasthan

Bharatpur is popularly known for Keoladeo Ghana National Park which is also called as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is among the best places for a family vacation in India. The bird sanctuary hosts migratory birds such as Siberian Crane, which is on the verge of extinction. Besides, the park is home to almost innumerable species of birds, flora, and fauna.

Bharatpur has a rich heritage and history. Along with the park, there are other famous tourist attractions such as Lohagarh Fort, Government Museum, Bharatpur Palace, and Ganga Mandir. Bharatpur is one of the best places to see in Rajasthan.

Sariska- A Dreamscape for the Wildlife Enthusiasts

Sariska is world-famous as a Tiger Reserve and wildlife sanctuary. If you wish to listen to the call of the wild, then visit the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. Spreading over 800 sq. km, the park houses Indian Leopard, jungle cat, Indian Jackal, and rarest feathered species. This place is situated amidst the Aravalli Hills and has a diverse topography. The sanctuary houses the ruins of medieval temples of Garh-Rajor. The temples hold a special place in Hindu Mythology. The castle of Kankwari, Pandopil, and Neelkanth Temple are other famous tourist attractions in Rajasthan.

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Bundi- A Narrow Valley in the Aravalli Hills

Exuding a charming Silhouette, Bundi is a dream place of every travel enthusiast. It is the city of exquisite mansions, ancient forts, graceful paintings, unexplored palaces, fascinating step wells, and vibrant bazaars. Rani Ji ki Baori and Nagar Saga Kund are the famous step wells, while the Dabhai Kund is the largest step well in Bundi. It has a spectacular carving alongside. Taragarh Fort and Bundi Palace are other famous attractions of Rajasthan. Bundi is also famous for antiques, coins, artworks, and paintings.

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Shekhawati- An Abode of Exceptional Architectural Wonders

Shekhawati is also famous by the name of ‘Open Art Gallery of Rajasthan’. This place is known for its painted Havelis which blooms with the depiction of mythological themes. It gives a deep insight into the art skills which are very rare to find nowadays. Lakshman Garh Fort, Radhi Murlimanohar Temple, and the lavish Havelis are among the famous tourist attractions of Rajasthan. The frescoes in the Havelis depicts the life journey of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. The handicrafts, vibrant paintings, frescoes are the perfect souvenirs you can buy from Shekhawati.

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Chittorgarh- Unforgotten Tales of Bravery and Sacrifice

Chittorgarh is situated at the bank of Berach River. Chittorgarh Fort is the major attraction in this city. This fort is the largest fort in India and Asia. It is perched at an altitude of 395 meters on a high hill beside the River Gambheri. It takes 2-3 hours to explore the fort which makes it an exciting thing to do in Chittorgarh. The light and sound show in the evening is the major tourist attraction in Chittorgarh. Meera and Kumbha Shyam Temple, Gaumukh Reservoir, Padmini Palace, and the tower of fame are other famous places to visit in Rajasthan. The city is known for glorious battles and every corner exhibits the tales of bravery.

Ranakpur – A Spiritual Haven in Aravalli

A remote village, Ranakpur is situated in the Aravalli Ranges and one the renowned religious place for the Jains. Ranakpur is an acclaimed pilgrimage site and is home to magnificent and devotional Jain temples. These famous temples flaunt intricate carvings that depict several tales. The architectural beauty of this place is beyond any description. The Maharani Bagh orchards, two huge bells, the engravings of dryads and celestial bodies intensify the majestic beauty of this place. Undoubtedly, Ranakpur is one of the must-visit places in Rajasthan.

Kumbhalgarh – A Phenomenal Wonder At the Bottom of Aravalli

Kumbhalgarh Fort is the pride of India. The 38 km long wall of the fort is the second-largest continuous wall in the world after The Great wall of China. This makes the fort the second-largest fort in the country after Chittor Fort. From the top of this fort, the mesmerizing view of the Aravalli ranges and the Thar Desert can be enjoyed. The complex is home to 360 temples. Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is another famous tourist attraction in Rajasthan. The jeep safari in the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is the best way to explore this majestic place. It houses some of the endangered species of fauna.

Jalore- The ‘Granite City’ of India

A little hamlet, Jalore is situated to the south of River Sukhri. This ‘Granite City’ is famous for Jalore Fort, which is one of the most invincible forts in India. It is a prime attraction in the city and is perched on the steep and perpendicular hill. The Topekhana or cannon foundry in the fort is another famous tourist attraction in Rajasthan from where the majestic view of the city can be enjoyed. The complex of the fort accommodates few most-visited pilgrimage sites which include Shiva Temple, Kila Masjid (Fort mosque), and four Jain temples among which Adinath Temple is the oldest one. This fort is an architectural marvel that is built-in traditional Hindu style.

Nimaj- An Unexplored yet Aesthetically Appealing Place

Nimaj is a small town situated in between Jaipur and Jodhpur. This hamlet is the home to one of the most beautiful man-made reservoir, Chhatra Sagar. This place offers a completely different type of experience, away from the chaos of the city and exuding majestic beauty. Magarmandi Temple is another famous place in Nimaj. This temple is influenced by South Indian architecture. Opting for a Jeep Safari is an ideal way to explore this town. It takes you through the farm where you can spot antelopes and some of the migratory birds nearby the Chhatra Sagar Lake. The village walk is another way to explore the local village and get an insight into the local culture.

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Nagaur- A City Of Grandeur and Glory

Glorified by the tales of the bravery, Nagaur is famous for its grandeur and courage. Nagaur Fort is a perfect example of heroism and valor. It is an outstanding demonstration of Rajput Mughal architecture. The fort accommodates innumerable fountains and gardens that intensify the beauty of this place. It also serves as the stage of the Sufi Music Festival. Khimsar Fort, Jain Temple of Ladnun, and Kuchaman Fort are famous tourist attractions in Rajasthan. Mirchi Bada, Onion Kachori, Kesar Chai, and Palak Pakodi are few delectable cuisines of Nagaur.

Mount Abu- The Only Hill Station In Rajasthan

Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan and is perched at an altitude of 1,224 meters above the sea level. This is one of the best tourist places in Rajasthan and is a perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of city life. The most important attraction of Mount Abu is the Dilwara Temple. This is an architectural marvel. It consists of five different temples dedicated to Jain Tirthankaras. Nakki Lake, Adhar Devi Temple, and Achalgarh Fort are the few famous tourist places here. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is an example of extraordinary composition. The foothills of the sanctuary are covered with thorny forest and at the higher altitude, the sanctuary is covered with lush green forest.

These are just a few! There are many other places to visit in Rajasthan which are being offered by the Rajasthan Tour packages that help you to curate memories of a lifetime.

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