Get Thrilling Encounters with Jungle Safari in Manas National Park

Get Thrilling Encounters with Jungle Safari in Manas National Park

Enjoy countless strikings of rare and endangered animals with a safari in Manas National Park. It is titled a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, Project Tiger Reserve, Biosphere Reserve, and Elephant Reserve. The Park offers various opportunities to appreciate the region’s diversity. But the safari experience in Manas National Park is one of the best activities to experience thrill amidst a unique ecosystem.

Safari Drive offers two ways to explore the depth of the jungle: a jeep and an elephant. In addition, you can witness endangered animals, including Assam roofed turtles, golden langur, hispid hare, and pygmy hog. However, the population of wild water buffalo makes it a widely famous wildlife destination. Safari in Manas also allows you to spot tigers, greater one-horned rhinos, swamp deer, pygmy hogs, and Bengal floricans.

Discovering animals in their natural habitat with safari is just one aspect. You can enjoy birdwatching, photography, various vegetation types, and learning about jungle life. Overall, the choice of thrill with natural beauty is unparalleled when enjoying safari rides in Manas National Park of Assam. Start the game of scrolling and find out each detail about the safari experience in Manas National Park.

Types of Safari in Manas National Park

The authentic charm of wildlife can be experienced in two modes: Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari. Both safaris are the best in their way and offer exceptional adventures. You can learn about each safari by looking at what kind of experience you will get. So, check out the below details about the safaris in Manas National Park for a great wildlife vacation.

Jeep Safari in Manas National Park

Enjoying a Jeep Safari while admiring Manas’s landscape is an enthralling activity. The jeep safari will take you close to the wildlife animals to give your body an adrenaline rush. One of the most famous animals you can spot is Pygmy Hogs. A jeep ride will enable you to spot famous animals of this Park, including Water Buffalo, Leopard, Samber, Swamp Deer, Hog Deer, Clouded Leopard, Himalayan Bear, and Wild Boar.

In addition, there are countless opportunities to click photographs of different species of birds. The National Park operates two slots for Jeep safari, and you can choose any of them as suitable. Moreover, you can explore the entire park area, and an expert guide will accompany you to help you better understand the diversity of the jungle.

Why opt for Jeep Safari

  • The Jeep Safari Ride is designed in a style that makes it seem like a journey across the home of wildlife creatures within 2 to 3 hours.
  • Jeep can cover the rough region of the jungle, and you can cover the most in less time due to its high-powered engines.
  • Your safari ride in the jeep brings comfort and perfectly lets you enjoy wildlife photography.
  • On your tour, you can get close encounters with endangered and famous animals that give you the next level of thrill.

Elephant Safari in Manas National Park

Exploring the depth of Manas National Park on the back of the elephant is an unmatched experience for wildlife lovers. Through your elephant ride, you will get different perspectives of the jungle, creating memories that hold a special place in your heart. An instructor also accompanies you and gives you a better outlook on the life of creatures. In addition, this safari experience at Manas National Park is an excellent choice for enjoying birdwatching. On top of that, the early morning safari also offers a perfect chance to behold the sun’s golden hue when it is elevating in the sky.

The forest department decides the slots for elephant safari by looking at the weather conditions. Moreover, the shift for safari usually starts in the morning. So, you can discover the jungle by riding on the back of an elephant for around 45 minutes. However, these 45 minutes will give you an unmatchable experience. So, choosing this safari is about getting a unique perspective of the jungle with the opportunity to birdwatch and witness the sunrise.

Why Opt for Elephant Safari 

  • You can cover the rough landscapes where the jeep cannot be reached.
  • The elephant’s height gives you a better view of the jungle.
  • Morning elephant safari is an ideal choice to admire the sunrise.

So Which Safari Are You Going to Pick in Manas National Park?

The safari experience in Manas National Park offers a broad scope of thrills and natural beauty. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the safari type, as both are highly recommended. Jeep safari is one of the most admirable thrills for wildlife enthusiasts. This safari drive can take you close to the wildlife and let you enjoy wildlife exploration smoothly.

On the other hand, elephant safari is a must-do activity and gives you an exceptional experience. If you are willing to catch the early rise of the sun, choose an elephant safari, which also allows you to behold many bird species. But, the best part about a safari in this national Park is that you can enjoy both on the same day. The elephant safari operates in the early morning for around 45 minutes, and the jeep safari has two shifts to enjoy the wilderness. Therefore, it is advised to appreciate both safaris for a great vacation in the wilderness.

Safari Booking Process in Manas National Park?

As you know, there are various types of safaris, and it is time to make them a reality with us. We provide the best deals on safari tour packages for Manas National Park. First, our tour experts will complete the process for you, and you will have to tell us your preferences. Then, our tour experts will handle all your preferences and book your safari tour. Moreover, we also book your accommodation in and around the jungle to make your wildlife tour compelling.

Required Documents to Book Safari in Manas

  • Foreign tourists require a valid passport for their safari booking in Manas National Park.
  • Valid ID proof is a must document to purchase the entrance ticket for Safari rides.
  • Carrying cash, debit cards, digital payment options, and credit cards is also required during the safari journey.
  • You should carry your entrance ticket or annual pass (if you have one) throughout the safari tour.

Things to Consider Before Planning Your Safari in Manas National Park

A wildlife safari tour revolves around many tips and points that help you get the best experience. We have listed some facts for a safe journey and uplifting your travel experience. Before embarking on a wildlife tour in Manas National Park, you can keep these points in mind.

  • You can enjoy the plant sightings and birdwatching in Manas, and for a better experience, carry binoculars and a camera.
  • Do not forget to explore the tribal village, tea plantations, and safari experience.
  • There is a special zone to learn about different flora and vegetation.
  • Manas experiences a subtropical climate, and you can wear light clothes in summer. However, it is advised to pack some warm clothes during the autumn season in Manas.
  • The National Park has an allotted area for safari, and you should keep the drivers from getting very close to the wild animals.
  • Jeep Safari is preferred for those who want to feel the adrenaline rush or enjoy the photography of wild animals.
  • If you want to explore the depth of the jungle and have a close view of animals, Elephant over Jeep Safari is a better option.
  • The jeep safari has two shifts, whereas the elephant safari generally starts in the early morning.
  • The safari’s timing can change due to the region’s weather conditions.
  • Apart from the jeep safari and elephant safari, you can also enjoy the boat ride in the eastern range of the Park.
  • Avoiding the first shift of morning safari in the winter is better due to the foggy climate.


After knowing the complete details about the safari experience in Manas National Park, you know what to expect from this Park. But the first-hand experience will blow your mind, which you can enjoy by planning your tour. Indian Visit’s customizable tour package covers meals, transfers, safari tours, and accommodations. Book your wildlife tour with us and enjoy the best of this National Park!

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