Captivating Facts about Bera Jawai Wildlife Sanctuary

Bera Jawai Sanctuary is a unique land filled with rich flora and fauna. But the highlight is witnessing human-friendly leopards in this sanctuary. Therefore,, this sanctuary attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year. In addition, this sanctuary is widely known for offering a unique experience for tourists from the rest of Rajasthan. From incredible landscapes to the rich history, facts about Bera Jawai Sanctuary will blow your mind.

These facts are connected with mythology, natural beauty, ecosystems, and pre-historic times. So, before planning your visit to this region of Rajasthan, you should know about these facts to amplify your trip experience. For example, suppose you have returned from this region and later learned there were better stay options or any unique safari rides you missed. Sound frustrating and disappointing? Fret not! These facts and figures let you close to a great experience and keep you away from such disappointment.

Regarding its historical facts about Bera Jawai, the sanctuary is believed to be the area reflecting the vibes of the Vedia era. Apart from this, facts about this region of Rajasthan tell a story of its evolution, diversity, experiences, and rich history. This blog will teach fascinating facts and give you numerous chances to learn wow factors.

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Interesting Facts About Bera Jawai Sanctuary

Jawai Sanctuary is a fantastic hotspot with unique elements catering to different tourists. These elements include incredible landscapes, rocky vegetation, a variety of flora, and various species of birds. All these elements are linked to some astonishing facts you should know before planning your visit here to enrich the travel experience.
From exploring the wildlife to strolling in the village of Bera, the region has something for everyone. There are plenty of sites where you can enjoy photography. Below are some facts on Bera Jawai that will surely amaze you.

  • Jawai is widely renowned as the “Capital of Leopards.”
  • You can enjoy various types of safari experiences, including Leopard Safari, Jungle Safari, and Village Safari.
  • The Government of India has declared the Jawai region a Leopard Conservation Zone and Bio-diverse area.
  • Jawai Bandh surrounds massive lava rock formations.
  • Jawai Dam has the title of the biggest dam in Western Rajasthan.
  • The dam covers an area of around 13 square kilometers, has a capacity of 7887.5 million cubic feet, and is about 61.25 feet high.
  • You can enjoy the rustic to the royal staying experience that is surrounded by natural caves.
  • No fixed safari timing allows you to enjoy the flexibility in safari, and usually, the safari tour is decided by the resorts.
  • Devgiri and Perwa are nearby temples that are no less than a thrilling attraction as you will have to walk on the footprints of leopards to visit there.
  • Glamping camps are also available for you to enjoy luxury in a unique style.
  • The friendly co-existence of man and animal in the Jawai-Bera region is highly appreciated and attracts tourists throughout the year.

Wildlife Facts About Bera Jawai Sanctuary

It is not an overstatement to say that Bera Jawai Sanctuary is one of the must-visit wildlife destinations in Rajasthan. Thanks to its diverse wildlife and natural beauty that grab the attention of wildlife lovers. Sanctuary is all about wildlife attractions, and Jawai knows it very well.

These facts and figures related to the wildlife of this region will help you plan your trip better. This sanctuary is widely famous due to its leopard population. Almost guaranteed sightings of leopards make it one of the best zones for thrills. The following facts reflect the diversity of wildlife that will blow your mind.

  • This sanctuary became famous because it hosts a diverse and complex ecosystem.
  • Jawai is a winter paradise for migratory birds, including flamingos, cranes, geese, and ruddy shelducks.
  • This region is also home to birds such as black wing kites, shikra, falcons, vultures, rock eagle owls, owlets, robins, etc.
  • Leopards, crocodiles, jungle cats, Indian grey mongooses, sloth bears, nilgai, and hyenas are this sanctuary’s most popular wildlife attractions.
  • Jawai Sanctuary has around 300 crocodiles, making it the perfect destination for sightings.
  • Local people of this region have passed the statement that leopards have been here for the last 40 years.
  • You can get the unique experience of wildlife in the depths of the jungle and the hill’s caves.
  • Leopard Safari and Jungle Safari are the best modes to get the dose of wilderness.
  • You can take a night tour with a trained naturalist to experience thriving wildlife.
  • Through Night Safari, you can spot varieties of night birds like nightjars and owls.

Historical Facts About Bera Jawai Sanctuary 

If we turn the pages of history, we will find numerous facts about this wildlife destination that will surely allure you to pack your bags. Bera Jawai’s history links incredible landscapes, human endeavors, and natural touch. These facts can teach you many things to make your trip more exciting.

The past of Bera Jawai undoubtedly excites history lovers. The place has a history from mythological beliefs that transpired through generations to the connection with past rulers. Below are some interesting historical facts about the region.

  • Jawai is settled near the Pali District of Rajasthan and dates back to the prehistoric age.
  • It is believed that Sage Maharishi Javali found shelter in this region to practice meditation in the Vedic Age.
  • According to the Epic Mahabharata, Pandavas made this region their makeshift home for a short time during exile.
  • In 120 AD, King Kanishka dominated the Rohat and Jaitaran regions (parts of Pali today).
  • The Chalukya King Harshavardhana reigned in the area at the end of the 7th Century A.D. and conquered Bhinmal and most of Rajasthan.
  • In addition to this region, there is a tribe living in this area known as ‘Rabari’, which also has a rich history.
  • In 1946, Umaid Singh started to build a dam here known as Jawai Dam.
  • The aim of building the dam was to create a reservoir that could be used for agriculture, drinking, and electricity.

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Geographical Facts About Bera Jawai Sanctuary

Bera Jawai is the land of unique flavors for different types of tourists. Everything about this region’s landscapes makes it a perfect choice, from captivating vegetation to a natural touch. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or an ardent nature admirer, the geography of this region is an ideal place for you. Below are some of the best facts related to its geographical factors. Apart from the hills and caves, this sanctuary’s unique lava rock formations make this region the best geographical treat.

  • It is said that the distinct landscape was crafted due to the lava millions of years ago.
  • Bera is an evolution in itself and has a classic landscape with Aravalli hills.
  • Aravalli Hills has scrubland vegetation, like Cactus and Keekar.
  • There are many caves in the hillocks, which are ideal habitats for leopards.
  • River Jawai and Jawai Dam are two water sources that later became the primary water source to support the wildlife and thrive around it.
  • There are around 300 solitary hills scattered in this landscape.
  • These hills are blessed with temples that lean against boulders.
  • These boulders hide an apex predator who has walked the circle of time.

Final Words 

Having learned these facts about Bera Jawai, you may start to see the connection of this sanctuary with history, mythology, and natural beauty. Now imagine how remarkable getting a first-hand experience with such a blend shall be. From Leopard Safari to Village tour, you will have numerous ways to admire the ecosystem of this region. Indian Visit is the ideal choice if you plan to visit here. We provide the best deals on customizable tour packages for Bera Jawai Sanctuary! You can get meals, stays, safari tours, and transfers by booking your wildlife holiday package with us.

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