Drukgyel Dzong

Drukgyel Dzong

Drukgyel Dzong was a fortress and Buddhist Abbey. The ancient ruination of Drukgyel Dzong, considered as the most attractive and famous archeological sites in Bhutan. The Dzong is situated on a mountain ridge with steep rocks on its three sides with leaving only one side of structure endangered to attack, in the upper Paro valley. The name Drukgyel refers to “Druk” which is the local name for Bhutan and “Gyel” means victorious or victory. The history of Drukgyel Dzong was started in 1649 when it was constructed by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. This fortress was built to mark the victory of Bhutan over Tibet in the 1644 Tibet invasion. In the 1950s, Drukgyel Dzong was destroyed in the fire. The government makes efforts to reconstruct the Dzong. But from the ruins, one can make out the basic stonework and today it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Dzong consists of the huge central building and an adjoining courtyard encircling by lower building. Although most of the timber elements of the Dzong such as roof truss, windows, doors framework, and ceilings are almost absent. The major portion of the stone and roughed earth wall complexes are still standing. Before it was destroyed in the fire, it was a perfect example of the Bhutanese architecture with an enormous height of 80 to 90 feet. Once the Tibetan invasions were ceased, Drukgyel Dzong became a valuable route for merchants. Bhutanese rice is being exported to the Tibetan town and exchange for salt and cubes of tea. The fort takes full benefit of the terrain.

Drukgyel Dzong is an excellent example of the fortified Dzong and was served simply for defensive purposes without administrative and religious functions, particularly against the external threats from borderline. Dzong is the most beautiful castle to fascinate or allure visitors towards it. 


Drukgyel Dzong Timings: 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Drukgyel Dzong Entry Fees: Nil

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