Flora & Fauna in Bhutan

Flora & Fauna in Bhutan

The biodiversity of Bhutan is rich in flora and fauna. Horticulturists are welcomed to study and witness more than 60% of plant species, approx 46 species of Rhododendrons and more than 300 medicinal plants found in Eastern Himalayas. This feeble ecosystem has remained unspoiled due to the conservation efforts of both Bhutanese people and Bhutan government. Among plants Junipers, Magnolias, Orchids, Edelweiss, Gentian, Daphne, Pine, Oak trees, various medicinal plants and the Blue Poppies which is considered the National Flower is found in the region.

The vivid variations of faunas like snow leopards, blue sheep, red pandas, takin, marmots and musk deer’s are found here. In the temperate zones, leopards, gray langurs, Himalayan Black Bear, Gorals, Sambars, Red Pandas, Wild pigs and Barking Deer’s are found. Clouded Leopards, Elephants, One horned Rhinoceros, Hog Deer, Water Buffalos, Golden langurs, horn bills are among the many species found in the southern tropical forest of Bhutan.

Along with the spectacular natural vegetation, Bhutan has in store a wide range of National Parks and Sanctuaries. Roads of Bhutan pass through magnificent green forest so that every enthusiastic traveler can witness the natural beauty bestowed in the environment. The national parks are: Jigme Dorji National Park covering an area of 4349 sq km is the most protected land of Bhutan. Animals like snow leopards, takin, tigers, black bear, and blue sheep are indigenous to this forest land. This is the only place in the world where Royal Bengal tiger and Snow Leopards habitat overlaps. Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan is considered as the Crown Jewel. Located in the south central of Bhutan, it also shares the southern border with India’s Manas Tiger Reserve; the World Heritage Site. More than 365 species of bird shave been recorded ans 200 are believed to be residing. Among the wildlife, Asian elephant, endangered Royal Bengal tiger, clouded leopard, one horned Rhinoceros are found.

The other National Parks like the Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park has clouded leopards, red panda, royal Bengal tiger, golden langur, there are a range of 391 bird species found in this region. Trumshingla National Park, Torsa Strict Nature Reserve, Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary and Wangchuk Wildlife Sanctuary are among the prominent.

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