Adventure in Bhutan

Adventure in Bhutan

Bhutan is slowing taking over the pace in the field of adventure sports and activities. Geographically Bhutan is situated in higher altitudes and surrounded by grandiose mountain ranges which work as a boon for the intriguing activities like Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Hiking, and Fishing too.  The fascinating gorges down the hills have rafting in pristine water, gushing through virgin green forest where travelers can explore the diversified environment which is still untouched in many parts.

The necessary adventure arrangements are taken care of by the local tour operator, who will provide trained guides along your adventurous journey and will watch out for your safety most importantly.

Jotted down below are the most popular adventure sports and activities carried out by the travelers seeking adventures.

Rafting and Kayaking:

The pristine freezing water from the glaciers of Bhutan is the open secret that flow down to mighty Brahmaputra River in India. Here adventurous travelers get pleased by the rugged, barbaric waterway. Rivers in Bhutan consist if strong currents which varies from soft gentle flow to power torrents throughout the country.  Passage for kayaking and rafting vary from beginners to experts. There are easy routes for beginners and high raising runs for the later.  Routes for rafting and kayaking are available in Paro Chhu, Upper Pho Chhu, Mo Chhu- Tashitang Devil’s Gorge section and Mangde Chhu respectively.

Rock Climbing:

The thrilling rock climbing expeditions are conducted by ‘Vertical Bhutan Climbing Club’. This organization helps the enthusiastic in climbing ‘The Nose’; a climbing rock that is located in Thimphu that offers 13 different difficult routes that varies from 4B to 7B in length.


The jagged hilly terrain of Bhutan offers an immense pleasure to the travelers who are seeking opportunities for cycling. This adventure sport ranges from smooth journeys on cemented roads to the challenging off roads cycling through the serrated terrain. It has now become quite popular yet a unique way to interact with the country in an informal way. There are many options available in climbing the mountain, and out of those there is one challenging climb which takes more than seven hours of peddling. But the incredible experiences leave the travelers in an awestruck moment.


Trekking in Bhutan is equivalent to exploring remote villages in this ancient Kingdom. It depends on the travelers regarding the kind of hike they choose. It varies from one day hike to 31 days. The exhilarating mountain ranges, azure water bodies and various endangered species eagerly wait to have a glimpse of you. The various routes offered in Bhutan for trekking are Druk Path Trek, Jomolhari Laya Gasa Trek, Jomolhari Loop, Snowman Trek I & II, Nabji Korphu Trek, Dagala Thousand lakes Trek, Punakha Winter Trek to name a few from the rest.


Fishing in Bhutan has a peculiar significance. Only the Royal families have the authority to take fish from the cold water streams and lakes, whereas the local population is not allowed to take. Brown Trout, Snow Trout and Mahneer are found abundantly in the streams. Presently fly fishing has been allowed on a catch and release basis in some selected areas of Bhutan and in certain occasions. There are certain regions where one can experience this activity. Those are in Paro Valley, Trongsa Valley, Thimphu Valley, Lhuentse region and Bumthang vally in Central Bhutan. January-February and June to September are the suitable times.

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