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Yoga and Meditation in India

Mind yearns for tranquility, amidst the humdrum activities of daily living. People, temporarily get aid to it with a nature walk or leisure walk on the seashore or by simply gazing at the stars in the night. For persistent relief, yoga and meditation are the sure-shot aid.

Yoga and Meditation in India will not only provide a solution to channelize your mind, keep your body fit and rejuvenate your soul, but also attain the key technique to unwind. Moreover, Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh also help to attain the perfect state of the composer, the three, soul, mind and body, has to be in coordination. Yoga is said to be originated way back in the 4th Century BC.

Patanjali, a sage, introduced yoga as a system of philosophy. Ashtanga Yoga is the common form of yoga, which includes eight basic features, such as Yama (universal disciplines - self-control, truth, non-stealing, non-greed and nonviolence), Niyama (human values - self-study, cleanliness, contentment, and penance), Asana (yogic postures), Pranayama (breath management), Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), Dharna (concentrating), Dhyan (meditating), and Samadhi (ultimate state of oneness with almighty).

On this page, you will find numerous hotels and resorts that are best known for Yoga and Meditation in India. Out of which, doing meditation in Goa is one of the most favorite activity of the tourists who visited this wonderland. There are various special programs introduced to ensure a memorable rejuvenating experience for the guests.

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