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Assam is an absolute delight of North East India which is a gift-wrapped with the rolling field of aromatic tea, thick jungles with the most amazing wildlife, and canoes sailing down the Brahmaputra River. Assam is a brimming tourist hub that has something for everyone – honeymooners, families, and backpackers, and more. Let’s have a look at amazing tourist attractions in Assam which allows the visitors to enjoy its beauty and tranquility.

Majuli: It is the largest riverine island in the world which is situated near the mighty river Brahmaputra. This region is pristine, lush green environment-friendly, pollution-free and freshwater island. It is also known as the Cultural Capital of Assam.

Kaziranga National Park: This Park is considered as one of the World Heritage Sites and is the home to the one-horned rhinoceros. This national park is well-preserved, vibrant, sustained ecology, versatile biodiversity, and draws the attention of people due to its pleasant surprises like elephants, swamp deer, Bengal foxes, civets, wild buffalos, sloth bears, Chinese pangolins, and much more.

Umananda Temple: This temple is situated on Peacock Island that lies on the spectacular Brahmaputra River. This serene place is dedicated to Lord Shiva and was beautifully crafted by skilled Assamese workmen. Umananda is derived from two Hindi words – “Uma” is another name of the wife of Lord Shiva and “Ananda” means “Happiness”.

Manas National Park: This National Park is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site which is an Elephant Reserve, a Project Tiger Reserve, and a Biosphere Reserve all in one. It is mainly popular for the adorable red panda and the rare golden langur. This tourist place is well-known for its stunning scenery and surreal natural landscape ranging from alluvial grasslands, forested hills, and tropical evergreen forests.

Kakochang Waterfalls: It is a magnificent wonder of nature. This waterfall offers splendid views of the lush green tea plantations and ruins of Numaligarh. This place is a refreshing retreat for visitors.

Assam State Museum: This museum is also called as Assam Rajyik State Museum that houses the rich culture of ancient history, sculptures as well as the modern history and handicrafts of North-East India. also, this museum has an extensive collection of sculptures and artifacts from the 5th to 12th centuries and some artifacts from World War II.

Nameri National Park: This National Park is popular for its Royal Bengal Tigers, Elephants and other wild animals including Wild Pigs, Leopards, Sambars, Gaurs, and much more. This adventure place is the favorite place for wildlife fanatics and thrill-seekers.

Kamakhya Temple: This temple is counted as one of 51 Shakti Peeths in India and is one of the most prominent Tourist Places in Guwahati for pilgrims. It is perched atop Nilachal Hills and the main entrance is beautifully decorated with elegant carvings and colorful flowers.

Orang National Park: It is a major highlight on the Assam Tourist Places map. This National Park is one of the oldest game reserves of Assam which is situated on the shores of River Brahmaputra. This Park is filled with a rich variety of birds like woodpeckers, kingfishers, mallards, etc., wild animals like Bengal tigers, Great Indian Rhinoceros, leopards, and Porcupines etc., different kinds of fishes, and similar abundance in flora.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary: This Sanctuary is heavenly getaway of lush greenery and raw wilderness. This Wildlife Sanctuary has the densest population of One-horned Rhinos in the world. Here, the visitors witness an astounding diversity of bird species.

Ahom Museum: This museum is located on the banks of Sibsagar Lake. It represents artifacts of the Rulers of the Ahom Dynasty such as royal armory, manuscripts, clothes etc.

Haflong Lake: This most beautiful lake is situated in the heart of Haflong city that gives tourists the chance to indulge in boating, water sports, and fishing, as well as watch migratory birds.

Jorhat: It is well-known as the Tea Capital of India due to its tea plantations and also popular for its culture, gardens, tombs, and mosques. The famous tourist places of this city are Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Raja Maidam, and Thengal Bhawan etc.

Silchar: This place is famous for its natural splendor and scenic beauty. It is surrounded by Bangladesh on the West, Manipur on the East, the Barail Hills on the North, and Mizoram on the South. This region is referred to as the “Island of Peace” due to its picturesque location.

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