Kaziranga Tourist Attractions

Kaziranga, a land where the One-Horned Rhino lives in harmony is a well-known habitat for this ancient-looking species. Once an almost extinct animal has maintained its population and now the national park houses to approximately 2,413 rhinos. While the UNESCO World Heritage national park has a bundle of activities for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, there are so many interesting attractions and places to visit near Kaziranga National Park. Some of the must-visit tourist places near Kaziranga are mentioned below. 

Tea Gardens

From the many Kaziranga tourist places, one of the must explore is the Tea Gardens. Assam is not only famous for the beautiful One-Horned Rhinos but it is popular for many things. The tea estates are on top priority when it comes to Assam’s stunning beauty. They not only provide tea but also help beautify the landscape. There are many tea gardens and visiting anyone in Assam will give you an experience like never before. The attraction for the tourist visiting the national park of Kaziranga is the tea gardens of Methoni, Difalu, Hathkhuli, Borchapori, and Behora. These gardens are the pride of Assam. One of the best things about staying in Kaziranga is that you can go for a day trip to any of these tea estates. 

Orchid and Biodiversity Park

If you get enticed by flora, Orchid and Biodiversity Park is the best place to go to. Located at a mere distance of 2 kilometers from the ridge of Kaziranga, this park covers over 6 acres of land with over 500 varieties of wild orchids, 132 species of sour fruits, 12 species of cane, 46 species of bamboo, and many more. Besides, the park also has a variety of local plants and flowers. As per the name, the park has over 402 varieties of orchids. In total, there are 35000 varieties of orchids found in the world where over 1314 orchids are found in India and about 850 variety od orchids found in north-eastern states. 

Kakochang Waterfalls

Located in Bokakhat, a few hours’ drive from Kaziranga, Kakochang is a well-known tourist attraction in Assam. This refreshing waterfall which is also known as Kakojan is surrounded by lush forest. It also makes it a great place to visit because it is near some of the historical attractions such as the ruins of Numaligarh and the ruins of Deoparbat. It is also near Assam’s rubber, coffee and tea farms. You can reach this waterfall on foot so exploring all the nearby attractions is not possible. Plan according to the waterfall since the trek to Kakochang may take you a half day. The best time to see the waterfall is post-monsoon, you can experience the gushing of the cool waters without any interruption from the rain.

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