How to Reach Kaziranga

Assam's treasure trove Kaziranga is a famous national park that is visited by many wildlife enthusiasts from across the globe. One sole reason for its popularity is its One-Horned Rhinos. These pre-historic looking species are found living in harmony amid the national parks suitable habitat with expansive marshes, forests, and meadows. But how do you get to such a fascinating land you ask? Well, Assam's largest city, Guwahati has tons of buses and private cars that will drop you outside the national park and inside. There are also towns with local trains plying to and fro from various cities of Assam. So, if you are planning for a visit and spend time amid animals and nature but don't know how to reach Kaziranga National Park, try out these following modes of transport.

By Air By Air

The major airport in Assam is located in Guwahati, Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. This airport is at an approximate distance of 180 kilometers. Jorhat Airport is also an important entry point to go to Kaziranga, it is located at a distance of 140 kilometers. From each of these airports, you can easily get taxis that will take you to Kaziranga. Make sure to bargain for comfort to your wallet prices.

By Road By Road

Roadways is always a great experience to explore India, roads are connected to all small and big destinations. In Assam, you can find a cheaper means to travel via Assam Road Transport services. Since Guwahati is a major city in Assam, you can get self-drive or taxi services according to your convenience. That way you can experience the true beauty of Assam and its scenic countryside.

By Rai By Rail

The most important train station in Assam is at Guwahati. All important trains halt at this junction. One can easily find a train to Guwahati from where Kaziranga is a few hour's drives. It is also possible to get a connecting train to Jorhat or Mariani railway station for a lesser drive and a quick escapade to the scenic nature's paradise.

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