Kaziranga Travel Guide

Amongst the finest national parks in India, Kaziranga is famous for the one-horned Rhinos. It was visited even by a famous couple of England, the Duke, and Duchess of Cambridge. Kaziranga National Park is located in the state of Assam and it is a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site which was declared in the year 1985. With the Kaziranga travel guide, you will get brief information about the national park which will help you to plan your Kaziranga trip.

In the Kaziranga National Park, the prehistoric-looking species live in harmony amid the varied landscape which consists of grasslands and swamps. Due to the national parks' perfect habitat, it also serves as a haven to several other animal species such as Asiatic Elephants, Royal Bengal Tiger, Buffaloes, Monkeys, Otters, Deer, Badgers, and Leopards, etc. Due to its expansive land covering over 430 square kilometers, it also is an ideal hotspot for many migratory and local birds. 

One can easily plan a day trip to Kaziranga. You can find many modes of transport to get inside the national park. In fact, you can also accommodate yourself and your travel group in some of the luxury and comfortable guest houses. While in Kaziranga, you get to dwell amid wild and nature. You can hop in an elephant and explore the marshes and forest, get a sight of the One-Horned Rhino’s peacefully grazing grass. You will see plenty of deers wandering around the open meadows. Basing on your activity, you can either go for an evening or morning jeep safari and canter rides, elephant humpback ride or simply spend time in the resort spa. You can entertain yourself at the tourist lodges in the many restaurants and bars. Kaziranga tour package also includes an opportunity to enjoy camping in the national park. Camping is possible in Kaziranga near Laudubi and near Agaratoli Range located in the eastern range of the national park. These camps offer adventure activities like para-motoring facilities, River Cruise, Mishing Village Walk, and of course Jeep Safari.

The local lodges at Kaziranga National Park also offer live musical evenings with delicious food to entertain guests. If you need to buy some souvenirs, the national park also has a dedicated shop that displays different forest products for sale. This shop is located at the entrance of Mihimukh gate of Kaziranga, you can also find several shops near the Kohora gate selling a variety of local handicrafts and items like miniature One-Horned Rhino, Elephants and many other birds and animals that are found only in Kaziranga National Park. From the Kaziranga National Park travel guide, you will get information about the national park and also learn about Assam’s stunning places. World’s largest river island Majuli is located close by, the only way to get there from Assam is via a ferry ride. You can include your Kaziranga trip with an experience living and experiencing Assam’s local lifestyle.

Sightseeing and Things To Do in Kaziranga

Best Time to Visit Kaziranga

The best time to visit Kaziranga is from November to April when the weather remains comfortable for outdoor activities. The region experiences heavy rainfall which makes the excursion difficult during the monsoon season.

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How To Reach Kaziranga

Kaziranga is well-connected with the major cities of the country and this place is thrived by travelers throughout the year. Here we have mentioned the brief about how to reach Kaziranga. Take a look and get some knowledge before planning the Kaziranga tour.

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